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  • Newbie needing help!!

    hi every 1 im new here. right lets get to my problem. ive just bought a american standard strat and are a little dissapointed with the pickups cuz they lack character and seem a bit weak and trebley. especially after i put my les paul down thats got seymour duncan SH-1's in it i really get down when i plug the strat in and turn the overdrive on. dont get me wrong the clean sound of the single coils is great the proper single coil sound on positions 2 and 4 but the gain/overdrive just doesn't have enouhg power for me.
    so i think ive narrowed it down to the SSL-3's, but heres where im confused. Does seymour duncan sell the SSL-3 pickups in a set of 3? i.e a neck middle and bridge set of 3 pickups?? cuz where ive looked to buy the pickups im getting the impression its just the one SSL-3 on its own 2 buy. how do i know if its for the neck,middle or bridge?? or is the pickup designed only for the the bridge or something? sorry if im sounding stupid its just the 59 humbuckers come in a neck and bridge version i thought the SSL-3 would have a neck,middle and bridge pickup cuz im not really into mixing single coils on one guitar. then i see the fender texas specials and custom shop pickups come in packs of 3, the neck,middle and bridge.
    So just to go over it does the SSL-3 come in a set of 3 for all positions or just the one as ive seen,and if its just one wot position is it for!!?? if its just the 1 SSL-3 on its own im not interested as i want a set of 3 for all positions and could n e 1 else recommend me a set of 3 single coil pickups for my strat that are hotter than the stock american series,but not at a silly price.
    thanx alot guys hope 2 hear sum help soon! tom

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    Re: Newbie needing help!!

    SSL-3 This is the next step up: Hotter than the vintage models with more sustain, fullness and output. The raised flat pole pieces are taller Alnico V magnets for a stronger and deeper magnetic field. Extra coil windings give you extra power.
    Pickup cover included

    Available RW/RP

    Available in calibrated sets with a RW/RP middle

    Just order the calibrated set and you are good to go.

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      Re: Newbie needing help!!

      ohhh rite cheers mate im up to speed now


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        Re: Newbie needing help!!

        I would also highly recommend looking at Lindy Fralin pickups. Their single coils sound fantastic. (if you are in the UK, which I presume you are from your name), then look at Charlie Chandlers Guitar Experience ( This is a guitar repair/sales shop in hampton wick (surrey), and they are doing some deals on sets of 3 fralin single coils. I have a vintage hot in my silhouette special which is great, but i have heard the blues specials, and they sound absolutely gorgeous.
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          Re: Newbie needing help!!

          Welcome to the Forum. You'll love the SSL-3s, if not, there are an almost endless number of choices.
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