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  • Originally posted by ArtieToo View Post
    You gotta admit though, the "Bad Trader Alert" is somewhat entertaining.
    I hate reading about any of our forum brothers getting screwed but yes this thread can be gold.

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    • Originally posted by RockinProf View Post
      Re: Bad Trader Alert

      Stratosphere parts. Sent me a neck that was more damaged than stated. They wouldnt even consider testing it when I returned it. Got screwed for shipping and etc. Poorest customer service ever! Avoid at all costs!!!
      I just want to say that they *used* to be good. I bought a bunch of stuff and built 2 stratocasters entirely of parts from their store in like 2006 or so. They were friendly and helpful, the prices were great and the shipping was very reasonable even up here in canada.

      Last year I wanted to order some pickups from them and the shipping was astronomical. I emailed them to ask them why their shipping prices essentially quadrupled and if they could take a look at getting me a better shipping price , and their response was irrationally rude and aggresive. Would not deal with them ever again.