Ok, I need to move this one fast. It's a homebuilt '65 Deluxe Reverb, featuring :

- Hoffman Board/layout. Turret board. Top notch components. Teflon wire used on 90% of the wiring.
- "Bias-oscillation" trem style (no optoisolator), ala Brownface.
- WeberVST trannys (OT/PT/Choke/Reverb)
- Atom filter caps
- WeberVST chassis
- 100% pine cab (11/16", not laminated). Finished with correct Fender tolex and grill cloth
- 1/2" plywood baffle
- Correct hardware
- Accutronics Reverb
- Brand-new tubes, mix of JJ/EH in the preamp, JJ 6l6GC.
- UOS RCA 12AU7 (reverb driver
- UOS RCA 5U4GB rectifier
- Also included is a GZ34 Weber CopperCap.
- 1 ohm resistors to read current bias. Adj bias.

Speaker : loaded with a G12H30, but it might go somewhere else. I have a G12M lying around, or I can put your choice of ceramic Weber in.

Actually the trem doesnt work (but the VIB channel works). Not a big deal, Im working on it this evening.

Other than that, it works like a charm!

Im only asking 500$ for this amp, which I think is a steal. Shipping will vary depending on where you live, and if the amp has a speaker or not.

Why selling ?

- Car transmission broke, need to pay that, and Im getting married in June... :S no more cash left

- Dont have enough headroom for my needs. So Im not using it at gigs and practices...

Email me and we'll discuss. Im open to options (selling w/o tubes, w/o speaker).