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    Not sure about this one yet, but I'm considering selling my Warwick Streamer Standard 5-string. It's a 2000 model, with dual soapbar pickups, in Tobacco stain. The color was never offered here in the states. I read about the model in a British mag and fell in love with that finish, so I contacted Dana B. Goods (the U.S. distributor of Warwick) and got them to import one just for me. I later modded it slightly: a change from 25K pots to 250K push-pulls to split the coils of the HBs.

    She's in great shape. No dings or scuffs; slight polishing of the otherwise matte finish from my forearm rubbing and from where my index and middle fingers brush the body during slapping.

    Hardshell case included.

    If anyone has any interest in this one, PM me an offer.
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    Re: Thinking of selling...

    too bad its a 5 string, im currently looking for a 4 string....
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