I've got 3 pickups for sale, and I'll ship anywhere in the world if you cover the actual shipping costs:

White '59n, like new condition, only minor hairline scratches that aren't visible from any distance, about a foot of braided lead $40 + actual shipping costs (usually $3 or so in the USA). This pickup has the original Alnico V magnet in it, but I have Alnico III and Alnico IV bar magnets with which I could replace it if you want at no extra charge.

Five-Two for strat neck, again, like new condition and about a foot of lead, $40 + actual shipping costs.

Black QP for strat neck, this one is in relatively poor visual condition, there is some slight rust around 2 of the pole pieces, and the mounting holes are just a smidge too big (no problem if you're mounting into the body of the guitar, slight problem if it's suspended), and as a result, it's only $20 + actual shipping costs.

Hit me up with a PM or an email to [email protected] if you want any of these items.