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spring cleaning yet again!! Amp Parts

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  • spring cleaning yet again!! Amp Parts

    ok, im cleaning out the bins to make room for more junk. some is on ebay at the moment, you can check out some of the items <a href="">here</a>. i really do have too much stuff.

    .047 400v Vishay Box Cap 800pcs left, $4.00 per 100

    Mallory 160 .022 400v Box Caps 1000pcs $3.00 per 150

    Elna Dynacap .22f 5.5v approx 1500pcs sealed bag $5.00 per 200

    RN60D 150k Resistors approx 400pcs $2.25 per 50

    Sprague 22uf 25v Axial Capacitors 516D approx 400pcs $2.25 per 50

    3A 400v Chassis Mount Bridge Rectifiers approx 1200pcs $2.25 per 20 (good for DC heater supplies in preamp sections)

    1.8k 2 watt carbon film approx 5500pcs $3.00 per 100

    2.2k 1watt carbon film approx 800pcs $2.00 per 50

    if any of you want anything, email me, or inbox me. thanx!!

    Jeremy Ledford
    Tone Guru Extroardinaire
    Tone Shop