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WTT Hotrails for JB Jr or Lil '59 (Bridge/White)

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  • WTT Hotrails for JB Jr or Lil '59 (Bridge/White)

    I installed a Hotrails several months back from a recommendation by friends. While it is a HOT pup, it is not the sound for which I seek. The JB Jr or the Lil '59 seems as though they will produce the tones I want. So, if anyone is interested, let's talk.

    My HR is a white bridge mounted pup that has only been installed once (it is currently still in guitar). As such, it has the original length of cable present. If we strike a deal, it will be simply unsoldered (no clipping) for shipment. It has enjoyed a comfortable life on the Guitar Hanger in my home, in the case, or onstage (never subjected to the elements). It is literally mint and will be shipped in the original box with all papers and such included.

    The JB Jr or Lil '59 should be a white bridge mounted pup with a decent amount of cable and in good working order as well as cosmetically pleasing to the eyes.

    Hoping to hear from ya soon,

    ~ Life In Every Breath~

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    Re: WTT Hotrails for JB Jr or Lil '59 (Bridge/White)

    Oh well, I guess I'll buy a new one and put the hotrail in my box of other unused gear.
    ~ Life In Every Breath~