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For Sale: Strat-style Earvana nut

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  • For Sale: Strat-style Earvana nut

    Hey guys, I have an extra one of these due to an order mixup with Earvana. They really do work, intonation is much improved compared to a standard nut. The material has the slipperyness of graphite, so it's ideal for Strats with tremolos.

    The nut is ivory with chrome screws, and will fit any Fender Strat with little to no filing. I don't know about other brands or Strat copies, but it will fit Fender necks with no problem. These are very easy to install yourself, all you need is a simple file, some super glue, and a screwdriver. Earvana has step by step instructions on their site, and you don't need a special tuner. I'm asking $20 shipped if anyone is interested. They cost about $35 if you order direct from Earvana.

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