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  • some things for trade

    electro harmonic soul food pedal
    tc electronic polytune (white one) pedal
    tonecity wildfire distortion pedal
    whirlwind selector (A/B selector pedal)

    trade for a SH-1n or SH-4b, or a boost pedal or trade for cash

    all pedals in good condition. exclusive offer for Duncan message board people. USA only.
    Crash49 - my music on amazon and itunes

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    Re: some things for trade

    I don't have pictures but I also have a ORANGE Jim Root Terror 7/15 watt amp head for sale too.

    exclusive. not on reverb or ebay. I'm the original owner. In great condition. Loud enough for a small band. Sounds like a Rockverb. Cleans are great too. comes with orange bag. $550 shipped. USA only. I'm in California.

    why buy it from a stranger, buy it from a seymourduncan forum regular!
    Crash49 - my music on amazon and itunes