Do you have a box or maybe a drawer of picks or strings that you optimistically bought a few too many to try and they just weren't your thing.. and doesn't trying out new strings and picks start to add up a bit?

In this thread we can list our "Haves" and "Wants" and then PM one another to make trade offers. And if a trade is arranged, the parties would typically pay their own postage and no funds would change hands, but in the end that would be up to the parties to work out.

The Trading Post has always been a place of honesty and fairness and if this catches on, we should have the same level of integrity here.

I've reached out to our mod before posting this and have his endorsement, and he has offered to sticky it .. thanks again, Mincer!

So I'll start..

Picks I HAVE to trade:
picks may have been tried but are in as new condition, no packaging

3 V-pick orig (branded promo pick from BG Pups)
V-pick switchblade
V-pick stiletto
Pack of 3 Dunlop primetone 1.5mm smooth
Pack of 3 Primetone .73mm smooth
Pack of 3 Primetone .73mm grip

6 clayton acetyl .63mm
10 Fender medium pearloid

Strings I have to trade:
All are new and unopened

2 D'Add EXP16 acoustic light Phosphor bronze (.12-.53)
1 D'add EXL125 (.9-.46) older packaging
3 pack bundle EB Regular Slinky (.10-.46)
3 individual packs super slinky (.9-.42)



EB primo slinky or Daddario .95 gauge high e

That's all I've got for today..