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c5 trembucker for sale

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  • c5 trembucker for sale

    when i purchased this pickup it was a custom custom, but i switched magnets with a jazz, so it has been a custom 5 for a couple years.

    anyway, i really have no use for this pickup anymore, and i could definitely use some cash.

    its either zebra or reverse zebra (creme on screw coil).

    its not in the greatest shape cosmetically (some of the tape on the side got a little messy/out of place), but it works perfectly.

    $45 shipped to the continental US.

    i can post pics if anyone wants.

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    Re: c5 trembucker for sale

    you still have it?
    If so lets talk via PM
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    2003 gibson zakk wylde custom shop lester (stock EMG)
    1996 gibson lester custom(DD/59 neck)
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