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Rack Gear for sale!

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  • Rack Gear for sale!

    BBE 482 - 50.00 almost brand new.

    Rocktron HushIIcx steareo hush unit.-50.00, this is an original Rocktron unit made in the USA, not the stuff made after GHS took over. works fine.

    Sabine RT-7000 rack tuner 50.00 pretty new.

    A furman Pl-8 40.00

    This stuff has never been taken out of my rack since I got it and is all in like new condition except for the hush, it works great ,but I bought that used..

    I also have an SKB 4 space rack drawer. About a month old, almost brand new- 40.00, and a metal sliding rack shelf 25.00.

    A non sliding rack shelf- 15.00

    Anyone wanting pics, just feel free to ask. [email protected]

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    Re: Rack Gear for sale!

    the tuner is tempting me
    Originally posted by krankguitarist
    And I *really* wouldn't lop Affliction and Ed Hardy in the same category. Affliction stuff can have a sense of subtlety to it.


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      Re: Rack Gear for sale!

      The tuner is gone, sorry man.


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        Re: Rack Gear for sale!

        im interested in the hush! where abouts u live?
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        Not much else - it does the job

        Dooogz is taking a break from SD - ill be back soon crew!


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          Re: Rack Gear for sale!

          How much to ship the 482? Do you use paypal? Let me know...


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            Re: Rack Gear for sale!

            I live in Newark Delaware. This Hush unit is great, I have no clue why they ever stopped making them. I don't know , but I have heard that the new guitar silencers that they make are crap.


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              Re: Rack Gear for sale!

              Ok, The BBE , Tuner, and hush are gone. Thanks guys!


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                Re: Rack Gear for sale!

                Ok I still have the Furman and the shelf and An 18 space road case left. I eally need to get rid of this stuff.

                The rack is red and has Recessed butterfly catches and handles and also has heavy duty casters on it. 100.00


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                  Re: Rack Gear for sale!

                  Doesn't anyone have a need for this stuff?