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FS: Laney Aor pro tube, all valve head and cab ((Uk))

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  • FS: Laney Aor pro tube, all valve head and cab ((Uk))

    Hey guys. Up for sale is my Laney AOR pro tube amp!

    50 watts, all-tube (ECC83/EL-34's). Amp features 2 footswitchable pre-amp stages that share the EQ controls, so it's almost like having 2 channels. You've got the typical Laney "pull boost" bass/mid/treble knobs here as well. Other features : line out, impedence and voltage selectors, dual inputs, standby switch. I believe these were manufactured in the mid-80's. Typically British LOUD...50 watts is PLENTY with this head. One strange thing about the has what appears to be a low and high input, but there's a BIG difference between the two, like an active boost on the high input.

    The Cab is a quality 4x12 cab that has ability to make it into a stereo/mono cab etc.

    Im asking 400 for the lot.

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