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WTB playstation 1 games

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  • WTB playstation 1 games

    anybody sittin on some ps1 games? shoot me a pm with titles and prices.

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    Re: WTB playstation 1 games

    i have a crapload of them...mostly racing type games though if your into that. i rather sell them all as a package though since i don't play them anymore and it would be more cost effective to sell them all 1-2-3. if you want them all shoot me a PM with an offer. i was actually about to throw the whole lot on ebay...

    i have books for all of them but no cases, they are all in two of those zip up soft cd cases with the booklets behind each game disk.

    these are the ones i'm willing to sell as a package deal...

    gran turismo
    gran turismo 2
    need for speed 2
    need for speed 3
    need for speed high stakes
    need for speed v-rally
    test drive 4
    test drive 5
    test drive 6
    test drive off road
    test drive off road 2
    formula1 98
    felony 11-79
    twisted metal
    moto racer
    team losi rc racer
    jeremy mcgrath super cross 98
    darklight conflict



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      Re: WTB playstation 1 games

      Originally posted by XSSIVE
      twisted metal
      “I can play the hell out of a riff. The rest of it’s all bulls**t anyway,” Gary Holt


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        Re: WTB playstation 1 games

        pm sent x