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FS: Mesa DC-3 1x12 combo

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  • FS: Mesa DC-3 1x12 combo

    I have a fabulous Mesa/Boogie DC-3 combo that I am looking to sell, or trade for a Line6 Flextone III Plus. Here are the pertinent features:

    - 35 watts all tube (4 EL84's)
    - 2 channels (clean and high gain), each with seperate controls for gain, bass, mid, treb, presence, reverb, and volume
    - Master volume and 5-band graphic EQ (footswitchable)
    - Celestion 12" speaker (G12-75 I believe)
    - Very good spring reverb
    - Dual footswitch (channel, EQ) included

    This has been my main amp for the past 5 years. I bought it used for $1,000 CAN in 2000. I am selling it mainly for two reasons:

    1. It is too loud for my needs. Seriously, it may say 35 watts, but this baby can go toe to toe with any Marshall half stack. I rarely turn it up past 2 on the master volume.

    2. I have this habit of replacing my amps every few years, even if I like them. I dunno, I'm just weird that way I guess.

    The tone of the drive channel is somewhere between a Recto and channel 3 on a Mark IV. It is an excellent crunch sound, and it only gets better when you throw a Tube Screamer in there. What really surprised me about this amp is how good the clean channel sounds. It can give you that Fender tone at low gain, and fattens up to a Vox-like crunch when you turn up the gain and mids. The clean tones are what sold me on this amp originally.

    The exterior is in great shape, and I can't see any tears in the Tolex or the grill cloth. A new set of power tubes might be a good idea, and I can put them in for you, but I will have to add the cost of the tubes to the purchase price if you want to do this. I was quoted $180 CAN for the full set.

    I am flexible on price. If you are seriously interested, name a price (in US or CAN dollars) and I will let you know if it is agreeable. I will also trade for a Flextone III Plus if it is in good condition.

    I would prefer to do local pickup, but I know there are very few of you in my area (Calgary, AB, Canada). Shipping on this thing will cost an arm and a leg, because like all Mesa gear it is VERY heavy. If you desperately want this amp, and you can't come pick it up, I will ship it at your cost using your preferred method.

    I will post some pics a little later when I get home from work.

    Post any questions here, or PM me.


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