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  • Trade my Custom for your Custom...

    Ok, I've got a TB-05, ie a trembucker spaced Duncan Custom. I'm now using that pickup in my Gibson, so I'm looking to swap it for a SH-05, ie a normal spaced Duncan Custom.

    I'd be happy to just put the TB-05 in my Gibson, but it won't actually fit completely thru the pickguard on my SG, it's too wide.

    I'm in Brisbane, Australia, so locals would save on postage, but it should be pretty damned cheap anywhere in Aus.

    Please help! I think this pup will be "the sound" in my SG, I can't wait to try it!!!!

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    Re: Trade my Custom for your Custom...


    If not, will there be any adverse effects to the sound if I just widen the route so it'll fit?


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      Re: Trade my Custom for your Custom...

      all i have a is a SH-4 JB but it is like new
      1957 RI gibson historic black beauty lester(DD/JAZZ)
      2003 gibson zakk wylde custom shop lester (stock EMG)
      1996 gibson lester custom(DD/59 neck)
      1997 fender lone star (DD TB-6/duckbucker/lil 59)
      Marshall ZW 2203 100 watt top
      5150 block letter head
      4 1960B marshall cabs