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Trade: Marshall Jubilee 2525H

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  • Trade: Marshall Jubilee 2525H

    Hi all!

    I've got a nearly brand spankin' new mini Jubilee head that I'm considering trading. It's about 3 weeks old, has the box (which is sort of in rough shape from shipping to me though it didn't hurt anything or I would've gotten a different one), all the tags attached, warranty, paperwork, cables and so on. No scratches, nothing that I can see at all, it has sat on a cab and that's it. It's been babied like crazy. Still has the film on the front panel. Snake skin I'd call it I guess? Sounds incredible, it really does, it's just redundant due to my Axe FX.

    I'm looking for something a little more metal before pedals get involved. I'm looking to trade for an Orange, PRS Archon, ENGL, Framus, a JVM410, things like that. If you have something along those lines, feel free to message me and we can figure it out.

    Thanks for looking and here are some pics!

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    Is this a black tolex version? I've seen some in black sold as "dealer exclusives" .
    Sweetwater has had some weird striped units too.


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      It's silver/grey. I think the 4th pic shows it if I'm not mistaken.

      I hadn't seen those, that's cool, I'm going to look those up