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Zhangbucker Crushbucker, pure hand wound, "Sweet Heat" option

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  • Zhangbucker Crushbucker, pure hand wound, "Sweet Heat" option

    *** UPDATE: SOLD ***


    I'm selling my Zhangbucker Crushbucker for $120 (including shipping)

    I opted for the "pure hand wound" option, and the "Sweet Heat" option (12 screws, rather than 6 slugs and 6 screws, so you can make more adjustments)

    David is a great guy who does wonderful work. At the end of the day, this pickup just isn't the right fit for me. It has more low end than I want. I tend to keep the bass knob low on my amp, and often use treble boosters, so this particular wind just isn't a right fit for me. That said, I'm sure one of you would love it.___PRESENT
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    4-conductor wiring?
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