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Lots of Pickups For sale! Dimarzio, Duncan, Bare Knuckle, Fralin, etc.

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  • Lots of Pickups For sale! Dimarzio, Duncan, Bare Knuckle, Fralin, etc.

    Hopefully the post office is done being useless and slow AF, so here we go.

    Prices are shipped/paypalled in the Continental US. Pickup prices are as stated, not taking offers at the moment, maybe if something doesn’t sell in a few months. DISCOUNT FOR MULTIPLES: For each pickup over 1, take $5 off the price of each additional pickup. Descriptions of condition and lead length are given below. If you need pictures, PM me with your email address.


    Air Zones:

    11. DiMarzio Air Zone DP192, F Spaced, White, very minor scratches on bobins, excellent condition. 6.5” $55

    134. DiMarzio Air Zone DP192 Regular Spaced, Nickel Cover, Excellent, 12.5” lead, $65

    203. DiMarzio DP190 Air Classic Neck, Regular Spaced, Black, Near mint, 12” Lead $55

    Hot Humbuckers:
    207. DiMarzio Illuminator Neck DP 256 (Dream Theater's John Pettruci's latest sig pickup), Regular Spaced, Black, 12.5" Lead, Excellent Condition, $55

    Dimarzio P90 Replacements:
    62. DiMarzio P90 Sized Humbucker rewound by Smits Pickups in Nashville. 13.4K 43ga. PE wire, Alnico 5 magnet (instead of usual DiMarzio ceramic). Minor scratches on cover, excellent condition. Black, 12” $50

    91. DiMarzio P90 Sized Humbucker rewound by Smits Pickups in Nashville. DLX 13.7K 43ga. PE wire, A5 magnet. Minor scratches on cover, excellent condition, Cream, 12.5” $50

    Dimarzio Noiseless Single Coils (Area series):
    187. Sold


    Seymour Duncan PAF Type Pickups:
    216. Seymour Duncan Joe Bonamassa 1959 PAF Signature Set with box & bag, signed, aged nickel. Leads 7.5” bridge, 12” neck (more than enough for Les Paul install) vintage braided. MJ wound, 8-22-2012. #636 of 1959 sets made. Neck 7.53k, Bridge 8.11k. Truly great PAF set, right up there with Throbaks. Only 4 sets have come up for sale recently and sold on ebay and reverb (not asked, actually sold) for between $550 and $650, not including sales tax. Get them here for $475 all in.

    222. Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Neck, Nickel, mint/unused open box, vintage braided lead $80

    Seymour Duncan Medium to Hot Humbuckers:
    111. Seymour Duncan Jason Becker Perpetual Burn Trembucker, White, New In Box. Just above hot PAF output, bright and articulate. $85

    202. Seymour Duncan JB, Regular Spaced, Nickel, Very Good condition a few minor scratches on cover, 6" lead $60

    113. Barden Soapbar P90 Bridge, near mint, cream, 14” 2 conductor lead. $90

    198. Bare Knuckle Black Dog Bridge, White. Wide (F) spaced, Short leg, 5” 4 conductor lead, Excellent Costmetic Condition $110

    True Grit Humbucker Bridges: BKP turned me on to these when I asked for something like a black dog with more output. Same wire insulation and magnet (poly insulation for low capacitance, roughcast A5) as a BD, usual offset coil winds, same overall flavor, but more turns. DC Resistance is 13.7k so about the same output as a 498T or Duncan Custom series, but DOESN'T sound like that, somehow BKP managed to put that much wire on and still retain an Hot PAF type tone instead of the usual dark, hot humbucker tone you get from other brands in that kind of DCR range. Far, far more articulate and tight than any other pickup I've tried with that much wire; sound is like a 9k+ PAF but output is beefier. Think Black Dog with more output and fatter tone. I ordered a ton of these and have some exta, all new in box. If you want hot output but generally don't like the tone of high output pickups, this is the solution; only one I've found in the hundreds I've tried.

    Also, they do F spacing like DiMarzio and not like Duncan, i.e. the bobbins are normal size with just a wider pole piece spread, so they work perfectly in the bridge of a Gibson, Hamer, etc and line up properly with the strings at the bridge position.

    218. BKP True Grid Humbucker Bridge, NIB, Black regular spaced 4 conductor short leg $90

    219. BKP True Grid Humbucker Bridge, NIB, Black F spaced 4 conductor short leg $90

    220. BKP True Grid Humbucker Bridge, NIB, Nickel F spaced 4 conductor short leg $100

    221. BKP True Grid Humbucker Bridge, NIB, Gold F spaced 4 conductor short leg $100

    209. Fralin Sunbucker Neck. This is a pickup designed to reduce the mud effect of neck humbuckers; most of the sound is one coil. Sounds like a low Wind PAF but the low end is unbloated, highs are smooth. Makes a great clean jazz or rock pickup. Gold, Very Good condition. 15" vintage braided two conductor lead $90

    Smits Handwound Pickups Nashville:
    223. Tight/Bright Neck humbucker: If you want a tight/bright neck humbucker, this is the solution. Equivalent Output to 7.5k DCR 42ga neck pickup but wound with 44ga so DCR reads just under 12k. Same number of turns so same output as a 7.5k paf, but the thinner wire gives a brighter tone, along with the ” dual rows of hex poles. Black or chrome poles. I run these with the 3 poles under the bass strings on one coil non-ferous, so essentially you get the tightness of a single coil on the low strings with the fatness of a humbucker on the high strings, and adjust the poles on the other coil for equal string volume. You can have it that way or with all ferrous poles. Zebra, $60

    David Allen:
    224. P-51 Mustang Neck: Low wind PAF neck pickup, removes the mud typically associated with PAF neck pickups, reads 7.13k on my meter, A4 magnet, 42ga PE Wire. Zebra, Mint, 16” 4 conductor lead $100

    Rio Grande:
    37. Rio Grande Vintage NOISLESS Tallboy for G&L ASAT, SC-1, SC-2, Black, 15.75”. This is a side-by-side noiseless design, 3 poles per coil, not a stack. Custom made by Rio for me. Mint, bridge position. If you want to put this in a G&L Cavalier (which uses neck length pickups in the bridge), let me know, I have the flatwork to mount it that way. $75

    Kent Armstrong:
    55. Kent Armstrong Noiseless P90 HP90NBK, Black New In Box $50

    60. Kent Armstrong Custom (i.e. not an import, wound by Kent in the USA), Alnico bar magnet Single Coil, designed to be bright and hot to keep up with a hot humbucker in the bridge, No-Flange (i.e. works with EMG type single coil routes) , Open Box/Unused, Black, 27” $50
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            Added a Bonamassa 1959 PAF set, Seth Lover Neck
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