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Atomic AmpliFire 3

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  • Atomic AmpliFire 3

    Excellent Condition
    Has current firmware updates
    Includes power supply

    Price - $285 Shipped & PayPal'd

    Features -

    • UNPARALLELED TONES: All new, state-of-the-art amp modeling based on Studio Devil's highly acclaimed and patented technology!

    • EFFECTS, EFFECTS, EFFECTS: Robust effects selection including drive, modulation, delay, reverb, eq, gate and more!

    • INTUITIVE CONTROL: 3 configurable and rugged footswitches

    • NOT A 1-TRICK PONY: Easy to use as a pedal or connect it to your desktop interface for recording

    • INCREDIBLE DSP POWER: Blazing dual-DSP powered hardware allowing for complex and detailed algorithms

    • TAKE CONTROL: Dedicated, physical amp control knobs for intuitive tone adjustments

    • PRESETS GALORE: 128 MIDI controllable presets (yep, you can plug a midi controller into AmpliFire for extended control)

    • DESKTOP CONNECTED: PC & Mac desktop editor

    • DETAILED CABINET MODELS: Stereo 1024 point cabinet impulses with ability to upload 3rd party IRs

    • CONNECT YOUR WAY: Versatile I/O options including 1/4" Hi Z input with proprietary processing, separate stereo 1/4" and XLR outputs and user programmable effects loop

    • EASY TO UPDATE: Field upgradeable firmware

    • EXPANDING ALL THE TIME: We are constantly expanding the capabilities of AmpliFire - check back often!