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WTTF 55 Antiquity For Tele Set For APTL-3 J.D. & ALNICO II Neck..

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  • WTTF 55 Antiquity For Tele Set For APTL-3 J.D. & ALNICO II Neck..

    The title pretty much sums things up…

    If you have either, or both of these pickups, or even just something else entirely that you think I might like, & you might be interested in trading please let me know…

    As far as the condition goes, I’m pretty certain that I have the original boxes, Etc. for the 55 Antiquity’s & I will send them along with the pickups. The leads are pretty long on both of them, but you will likely need your own mounting hardware…

    Also I do realize that my Antiquity for Tele set is technically worth slightly more than the set I’m looking to trade for, & that’s perfectly fine by me..

    I think probably by the time I sold them on Reverb, paid for the fees, Etc., & then tracked down the desired set I’d likely be buying at a loss anyway??? So it’s actually beneficial to trade instead.

    To get ahold of me to talk about this please just email me at [email protected] or you can text me @ (603)-915-1577 if that’s easier for you.

    Your welcome to PM me here as well but fair warning I’m kinda bad at remembering to check my inbox sometimes. So even if you text or email just to initially get my attention I’ll happily talk with you via PM afterwards….

    Oh, please don’t hesitate to ask for pictures or any questions that you might have..