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Pedals for sale. Diezel, wampler, walrus etc.

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  • Pedals for sale. Diezel, wampler, walrus etc.

    I’ve got a few pedals i am looking to move to find a pickup and line 6 hx stomp.
    all are in good shape and work perfectly. All come with boxes and power supplies if it came from the factory with one.
    diezel VH-4 2 channel preamp/distortion pedal. Sounds great in front of the amp as well as in the loop. $225+ shipping.
    walrus audio mako series D1 delay. Covers a lot of delay sounds. Just not what I looking for. $225+shipping
    wampler terraform. Has just about any modulation you will need. $225+shipping.
    mxr 6 band EQ. $60 shipped
    electro harmonix silencer noise gate. $55 shipped.

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    I'll take the silencer.
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