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wanted to buy loooper

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  • wanted to buy loooper

    I need a loooper (no more than 3 loops) or oher high quality true bypass loop box. PM me if you have one you would sell.
    If you just read a post by The Guy Who Invented Fire please understand that opinions change, mind sets change and as players our ears mature...not to mention our needs grow and change. With that in mind, today I may or may not agree with the post you just read!

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    Re: wanted to buy loooper

    i may be willing to sell mine. i never actually used it, i tested it the day i got it and it works fine but i never fully wired it into my board it's just been sitting on top of my amp since lol. i tested it with a mess of wires all over then pulled it out planning on getting more george l's to wire it up all neat but never did. i never even stepped on the buttons, i used my hand. so it's seriously as new as you can get without buying direct and waiting. anyway, PM me for the specs.