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For Sale: Orpheo Guitars Singlecut Purple Flame

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  • For Sale: Orpheo Guitars Singlecut Purple Flame

    I'm selling this guitar for EUR650 ex shipping. Shipping comes now standard with a Mono sleeve, so that's for the USA 100 Shipping + 100 for the sleeve. No exceptions. I learned my lesson The weight is not a typo. it REALLY is 7.4Lbs.

    Neck: solid rosewood.
    Fretboard: ebony, 22 frets, 24.75" scale, mop inlay (old skool style: no cnc. Just a drill and a chisel )
    Top: full thickness maple.
    Back: full thickness white Limba.

    Bridge Pickup: seymour Duncan JB/Fullshred hybrid
    Neck pickup: 59/jazz hybrid
    Middle pickup: axesrus

    Tuners: aluminium Sperzel
    Bridge: Hipshot Babygrand, aluminium

    Finish: thin skin nitro

    Weight: 3.2kg/7.4lbs

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    Pics for that one?
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      There are a few pics in the post already?


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        They don't seem to show up for me. I can see them if I google search for the thread title, but when I try to click on them (or look in this thread) they seem to have some sort of access denied thing going on.
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          I don't see pics either


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            Me either, all i see are a bunch of circles with - in them

            Click image for larger version

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              I don't think they are showing up for any of us. I think Orpheo is travelling right now, so it is likely not going to be fixed until he gets home.
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                Mincer is right. I'll fix this later when I'm back. Gonna take me a little while but within a few days it'll be fixed.