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FS: Marshall Origin 20H

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  • FS: Marshall Origin 20H

    Marshall Origin 20: Here's a lovingly recreated Marshall Plexi circuit. 20 watts, with 3 power settings to keep the volume under control. Boost function is really nice. It's been used in the garage, no gigs. The tolex has a ding or two. Otherwise very clean. 3-12ax7 tubes, 2-EL34s. Great pedal platform.

    Even includes the original box. $450 + shipping
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    I'm bumping this because I really hope that someone else picks this up.


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      can these get into UFO (strangers in the night) territory?


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        The GAS is strong with this one. I'm a Plexi guy, and a lower watt Plexi with EL34s is unique and damn tempting.


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          Man, I love these amps.
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