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WTB Roland CY12H V Cymbal Hi-Hat

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  • WTB Roland CY12H V Cymbal Hi-Hat

    I know this a funny thing to put on a pickup/guitar forum but I'm desparately trying to locate a CY-12H cymbal for my hubbies birthday. They've been discontinued in Europe, I've tried ebay no luck.

    Has anyone got one to sell? have them on special at $149 but they won't ship over the water!!

    If one of you forum bros would be willing to buy one on my behalf and ship it to the UK I'll happily send you the money+any local taxes+shipping I'd be very greatful.

    I'm not trying to scam anyone, I've got 100% feedback as an Ebay buyer as well as a seller based on 178 trades.

    PM me


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