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Surfer/Surfer/Twangbanger Wiring(While Fresh In My Mind)Vault Worthy!

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  • Surfer/Surfer/Twangbanger Wiring(While Fresh In My Mind)Vault Worthy!

    This is worth saving and printing.....Special thanks again to Scott Miller for the extra help this morning in bringing my strat around better...

    If you want to install a Surfer in the neck and middle with a Twangbanger in the bridge,here's what you need to do....This does give you hum cancellation for the 2 and 4 switch positions.

    For the Twangbanger

    Unsolder the baseplate black ground wire and wire the white wire to the baseplate(This makes the white wire your new ground)....Solder the white wire to your volume pot and the new black hot wire to the 5 way switch...

    Place the RWRP Surfer in the middle position and solder white to the switch and black to ground...

    Place the Surfer neck pickup in place and solder the white to the switch and black to ground again....

    If you were to use a magnet polarity tester you should see (Black S Pole) on the Twangbanger and the Neck Surfer and the middle RWRP Surfer is(White N pole polarity)using the Stew Mac Magnet polarity tester....

    Lew has told me how to do this when I bought my Surfers from him,but I Now have this all written down!

    I had the RWRP Surfer in the neck and so I wasn't getting hum cancellation in the 2 and 4 positions(Just neck and middle),which I now have...

    Special thanks again to Scott Miller,Lew,Jeremy,and others that use or have used this phenomenal pickup combination!

    Still my current favorite and has been for quite sometime now.

    Hopefully this will help someone from having to do this pickup wiring combination more than once?
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