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  • Forum FAQ

    Hopefully, the other Admins will jump in here and add to this FAQ...

    1. How do I add an Avatar?

    Go into the User CP and under option, you can either upload your own to the Duncan server, link to another website's picture, or choose from the several hundred we already have.

    2. What is an Avatar?

    That little picture that shows up under your name when you post.

    3. Can I upload files?

    Yes, you can insert music files, pictures and other files such as text files to any of your posts.

    4. I don't like the blue/black color scheme, can you change them for me?

    No, but you can change them yourself. Go into the User CP and under options, look to the lower right near where you select avatars. THe Stylesets window will allow you to choose a different color scheme that may be potentially more appealing to your eyes. More will come soon.

    5. The board runs slow for me. Is there anything I can do to speed things up a bit?

    Yes, the number of posts that load when you click on a thread will greatly influence the speed at which the page loads. Each person usually has an avatar. The more of them that have to load, the slower the page will load. If you really don't like having multiple pages to go through with each thread and you set the maximum posts per page (in the UserCP, where else?) to a really high number, like 40 or 50, it's going to take a bit longer. The forum default is kept pretty low to help most folks out. Just bump that number up a bit if

    6. What do I have to do to get kicked off this board?

    This is nothing more than a little party in Seymour's backyard. If you behave yourself, just like you would at a friend's backyard BBQ, you'll be fine. If you instigate, troll, flame, etc, you'll be asked to leave. Pretty straightforward.

    "You can't save everybody, everybody don't wanna be saved."