The wood and the tone

Wood influence in tone
Guitar woods
How to cut wood.
Neck influence in guitar tone
Matching woods
Quarter cut vs slab cut
Seasoning wood
The sound of wood
The tapping techinque
Wood tone diagram

Guitar and bass woods.

Guitar woods alder
Guitar woods ash
Guitar woods ash vs swamp ash
Guitar woods basswood
Guitar woods bubinga
Guitar woods cocobolo
Guitar woods ebony
Guitar woods koa
Guitar woods korina
Guitar woods lacewood
Guitar woods acero (maple)
Guitar woods mahogany
Guitar woods paduak
Guitar woods pau ferro
Guitar woods purple heart
Guitar woods rosewood
Guitar woods zebrawood
Guitar woods wenge

Guitar and bass construction.

22 vs 24 frets
Bolt on neck
Bolt on vs neck through
Compound radius
Contoured neck heel
Floyd locking nut
The fretboard
Frets for guitar
Fretwire types and sizes
Graphite reinforcing bars
Graphite nut
Guitar finish
Guitar glues
Guitar nut materials
Headstocks different types
Maple tops
Natural binding
Neck joint
Neck through
Neck through philosophy
Nut material
Scalloped fretboard
Set neck
Set through neck
Tone chambers
Top plates
Truss rod
Type of necks

Guitar and bass electronics and pickups.

Active vs passive
Ceramic vs alnico
Different types of pickup
How pickups work
Pickup placement
Pickup potting
Piezoelectric pickups

Guitar and bass strings.

Bass strings
Different types of strings
Mounting strings
Nickel vs stainless steel
Strings durability
Strings structure
Strings tension
Strings vibration