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how different straps change my tone.

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    Re: how different straps change my tone.

    Originally posted by TheLivingDead View Post
    I put a pink strap-on on one of mine and I don't even use it.

    No wonder I sound like ass.
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      Wow... I've never actually visited the vault.
      What a blast from the past seeing some of these names. Some really cool people have come and gone from this forum.


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        I use a vintage 70 ies Fender strap for my Les Paul. You guess ... give me a more brilliant tone.
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          Mr. Miyagi would say, "strap off, strap on" while thoughts of Daniel's mom raced through his shiny bald head.


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            i use a bungy cord from the back of the truck
            sometimes its a bit muddy
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              I use a Boss strap. It's got it's own COSM thing...

              (seriously, it's a good, real leather strap. And you can't see the Boss logo )
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                ​​​​​​ when I lived in the mountains of Costa Rica, I used leather horse bridles that you can get at the anywhere at a ferreteria which is a hardware store. These bridles are what they use the mountains and what every Tico normally uses unless they're rich. I would use them because they were super cheap and I could get them them in any town. Just cut a slot in the end.
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                  So, when is Boss gonna release the Waza guitar strap?