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Pickup polarities, coil splitting and RWRP pickups

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  • Pickup polarities, coil splitting and RWRP pickups

    I emailed SD this morning and asked them the questions below. The answers, from SD themselves are as follows:

    Question 1: single coil pickups - not RWRP.
    If I hold a compass over a regular SD single coil, can I use it to find the pickup magnets north?

    I would do this by first aligning the pickup pointing long axis east-west (planet Earth east-west, sunrise to sunset, that is), then seeing which way the compass arrow points.

    Yes, you can with a magnetic compass. Place the Needle close to the top of the poles of the single coil.
    If the pick up is South Up, It will attract the North Needle.
    If the pick up is North Up, the North needle should point the opposite direction.

    Question 2: humbucker north and south coils.
    Which coil, north or south, has the same polarity as a regular, not RWRP, coil?

    The South/Adjustable Coil of the humbucker would have the same South Polarity and CCW wind direction as a standard SSL single coil.

    Question 3: coil splits, non RWRP single coil pickups and hum canceling.
    Imagine a strat type HSS or HSH setup.
    Which coil, if either, can I leave active to achieve hum canceling, say, leaving one coil active in the humbucker and adding a middle single coil that is NOT a RWRP?

    For HSH/HSS setups we recommend a standard SSL model (South Up/CCW) in the middle.

    This will be hum-cancelling with our standard humbucker split (North/CW).

    Question 4: as Question 1 but a pickup that IS RWRP.

    Yes you can use a magnetic compass like above.

    Question 5: as Question 2 but a pickup that IS RWRP.

    The North/Slug Coil has the same polarity and wind as an RWRP SSL model.

    Question 6: as Question 3 but a pickup that IS RWRP.

    You will not have hum-cancelling with our standard North Coil split, but the pickups are still in phase.

    Question 7: neck and bridge humbuckers
    I notice the bridge trembucker I have (TB-4) has the screw pole pieces on the bridge side, but on the neck side (a Jazz, zebra) they're on the neck side.
    Are the south coils on both still the screw pole pieces or are they flipped?

    Yes, the screw coils of both are South, the neck model is mounted opposite of the bridge.

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      Very helpful! Thank you!