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Erlend the Viking here! :D Please give me some attention, and questions.

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    Yeah JamesPaul...

    I got quite a challenge, there's rarely a day or two, without me hearing the voices, or feeling energies from possessed people.

    (The doctors, aswell as most people, say it's "my schizophrenia". But I got valid proof, that atleast one person is in charge of channeling voices and other sensory input to me.)

    I know religion is not a subject here on this forum, but I decided, about a year ago- to give my life to God and Jesus Christ. Soon after, I met with a group of people, who attend church and various meetings. It has been such a positive thing in my life.

    These days, I try to become a better man, (and a better christian).

    ...everything I need to feel good, be healthy, be inspired and creative. Is to be left alone, in peace... so "of course" I get all these crazy demonic attacks, especially at night. . It's a challenge, just like living with a handicap or painful disease.

    But I'll do my best, I promise . When I/we finally find the cure, it will be such a relief for me. And maybe we can help other people as well. But, as they say- help yourself first, then your brother.

    I'm going to visit my father next week, I haven't seen him in a year. I had to make him promise me, that when he retires from being a sailor, he got to spend more time with me, and go on atleast one vacation! . I really hope we get the chance to know eachother better, and do cool stuff.


    I'm going to order alot of musical equipment, everything from a headset, a practice amp- straplocks, a capo, strings- spend most of my savings. After savings are spent, I won't have NOTHING to use, or even save up- for the next five years.

    That's what you get, for using roughly 100.000USD on drugs in the past :/.

    My Epiphone Wildkat Koa, sounds AMAZING playing open chords and such- but I tried my brothers Yamaha Pacifica (strat style, S-S-H), and was BLOWN AWAY by how easy it was to play; the singing vocal lead tone- and everything... so now I want one of those aswell, to complement my Epi.

    One thing is, what you "want", another thing is what you "need". . My father has a very nice, old Japan Squier strat. I want to buy it from him, and put a new pickguard on; with a Custom Custom in the bridge position. If he won't sell it, I'll look for another good, cheap and good sounding strat.

    Another thought I've had, is to get a cheap/used dreadnaught steel-string acoustic; put electric guitar strings on it- and mount a humbucker in the soundhole. Drill holes in the body for volume/tone and a split switch;- and it might sound cool trough an amp?! :o

    Thanks for writing.


    -Erlend ♪
    If somethings important- send a PM. I might be offline for long periods. Rock on!!!


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      You're a good guy Erl, don't let any of those *******s in your neighbor thread get you down, there's nothing wong with being a pacifist.
      . There are better ways to solve that problem than violence, you and I both know that that is not the answer.

      I am seriously researching your issues with the demons and the inner voices I will private message you one of these days.
      It's not your schizophrenia and you're not crazy Erl.


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        ^^ I sent you a PM, solspirit.

        Still alive and breathing.. though a bit violated...

        Rock on people !! \m/ ♪

        Music is good for the soul.
        If somethings important- send a PM. I might be offline for long periods. Rock on!!!