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tip: 59n might need a wrap...

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  • tip: 59n might need a wrap...

    I had read recently on this forum that you can put a piece plastic on the sides of the Alnico 5 magnet in a 59n to lower it's output.

    I tried to, but found the process rather difficult.

    Instead, I took some packaging tape, measured out the lenth to be the same as the length of the magnet, cut it, and wrapped up my A5 in it. Then I put it back in my 59.

    The bass, which had been bothering me because it is so full (a little TOO full IMO). Was TAMED. Output came down just a little, and now it's right where I'd want it to be...between A3 and A5, but not like an A4.
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    Holy crap! Does that really work?
    I agree on the bass thing but only because I use it together with a JB. Lol, I did the opposite of what you did and put in a Ceramic magnet to increase the output a little and tighten the bass.

    I have a question for you if you don't mind, how would you compare the Screaming Deamon and the '59n with each other? Have you tried the SD in neck position? I always think of the SD as a hotter '59b with less bass, but I've never tried the SD nor the '59b.

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