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Crunch with Screamin Demon.

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  • Crunch with Screamin Demon.

    Using my Wolfgang with a Screamin' Demon.
    One more
    And here goes another one.
    And the last one.

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    Ahh yes......what the Screaming Demon is real good at .....
    Crunch,crunch and more crunch. Great sound Rid!!
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      Yeah and I had to use my less than wellworking Bassmantop for that.
      The tubes are worn totally out, and most of the caps have seen better days, hmm it still works in some
      Thanks Rocker35.


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        Certainly sounds agressive.

        Nice tone, Rid.

        my stuff


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          Thanks Marin....yes it is a very nice and crunchy pu.
          I hope to get my main amps up and running again soon....
          Then I will get some more done.


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            that thing is powerful! nice playing

            too powerful for my tastes, but sounds pretty cool.
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              Heh well it is not that hot....the overdrive I use is a prototype overdrive, and it is hot.
              But I really like this pu, lots of defenition and it is a throaty lustful thing


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                very nice Rid.. I definitly like the sound. It has that crunch I like. It might just be the pickup I've been looking for.



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                  Thanks....I was not entirely sure about the amps tone....I hope to get my other amps up and running, just to get a fatter tone.
                  Got my Park back the other day...but it was sounding terrible, the new output trafo was not the right one