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    Ok, forge what I said about the A4 in my PGn: as is easy to hear from these clips, an A4 Custom Custom is definitely brighter than an A2 Custom Custom:

    The clip is of several riffs. Each riff is of the A2 CC then the A4 CC (C4?). The A2 CC is panned slightly to the left, the C4 slightly to the right.

    This is from memory, but I don't think the A4 CC is as bright nor as bassy as the C5 I tried out several months ago.

    As for the PGn, the clips are there. I still say that the A4 sounds *way* thicker than the A5 in the PGn -- but the PGn is a weird pickup anyway, with the mismatched coils and such.
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    Hey M.P.

    Thanks for the comparisons. I put an A3 in my Custom 5 and couldn't get it back out again fast enough, but the A4 might be worth a try.

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      Definately like the A2 better, the 4 just sounds harsh to me. The richness is gone.

      Very cool to post this!!


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        I agree that the A4 sounds harsher, but I think some of it might be the settings I used. Your're hearing a Vox Tonelab, and the settings were tweaked using the CC and computer speakers. When I listened through a good pair of headphones, some of the settings sounded a tad harsher than I'd like. Never mind that the settings were originally tweaked using the CC, and therefore might have tried to make up for the huge mid-hump in the CC. Having said that, the Badge setting and country setting's were stock Tonelab:EC Badge and Nashville.

        I'm itching to try an A3 now!
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          Originally posted by Fresh_Start
          Hey M.P.

          Thanks for the comparisons. I put an A3 in my Custom 5 and couldn't get it back out again fast enough, but the A4 might be worth a try.


          Could you elaborate on that? Would appreciate it.

          After hearing Barlo's clips over in the tips/clips, I am seriously considering an alnico 3 magnet in my CustomCustom in order to get slightly more highs through my JCM2000 DSL210. So any feedback (by any of you people) is very appreciated.

          I am downloading the A4 clips. MattPete thanks.
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            He, he! I went back and listened to the A4 clips, and boy does the A4 sound harsh. My guitar is also going seriously out of tune by the end of the A4 Son Volt clip.

            I also went back and listened to the PGn clip. The A4 PGn sounds harsh there, too. Interestingly, in some ways it sounds more middy to me, especially during the little ditty one minute in.

            Maybe if I get the free time tonight, I'll record some A5 clips (i.e. Custom 5).
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              I Liked the stock A2 magnet better as it was warmer and more natural sounding.The A4 is too harsh and it's also brighter sounding...Brighter is ok but harsh isn't..Thanks for posting...The A4 also seems to be missing lower mid tones..

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                Hmm. How about that.

                So judging by my personal experience with magnets and those clips, I'd say that A2 is nice and warm and smooth, A3 is similar but a little brighter (less warm) and A4 is a bit over the top, a bit harsh, too bright, not warm enough. So the only types that REALLY have the best musical properties are most likely the A2 and the A5. That would explain why SD uses those for his pups.

                A5 almost seems like the terd in the punch bowl. My experience with A5 is that there is a LOT more bass than any of the others. Weird.

                A2 - Warm and smooth
                A3 - Kinda warm and smooth
                A4 - Not very warm or smooth
                A5 - Full, big bottom end

                i wasn't expecting that. I'd have hoped for more bass in the A4.

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                  FYI: I just swapped out the A4 for an A5 in my bridge CC (clips later). The C4 is way brighter than the C5. I guess the A4 is just an obnoxious magnet (at least in this application).

                  I also plugged in my Custom (ceramic equiped guitar), and the C4 was harsh in comparison (BTW: different guitars, so YMMV).
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                    MattPete, you bet me to it. Am gonna do them clips once I get hold of the A4's I order from LEW.

                    The difference is so obvious. I wonder how the a4's would compare to a5's. Nonetheless, thanks MattPete, great thread.

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                      That's weird! I put the Custom 4 in a Les Paul Std, and next to my Custom 5 LP's, the C-4 doesn't sound harsh, just a little bit like a C-5 with a straightened out EQ curve. It may be a little
                      less "bouncy" sounding than the C-5, but I still like it.
                      Mostly because of the slight increase in mids.
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                        You have to hear them out in the same guitar!

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                          When I go back and listen to my A4 vs. A5 clips (not posted on the internet), my impression is that the A5 has bigger bass and a sweeter high-end. In some ways, I can see the A4 as having more mids, or at least a straighter EQ curve. The A4 certainly sounded fatter than the A5 in my neck PG, but compared the the Custom 5, the Custom 4 sounded harsher.

                          so what gives? My guess (I haven't done any spectrograms or anything) is that the A4 has more high-highs, and that is what is making it sound harsher.

                          so...maybe a C5 sounds like this:

                          (A scooped sound where the high-highs roll off)
                           \                 -- 
                             -----\    /----/  \-
                                   ----          \
                          And the C4 sounds like this
                          (A flatter profile where the high-highs go crazy)
                           -                    / 

                          ...or maybe I'm just hearing things...
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