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an old instumental i recorded on my PC

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  • an old instumental i recorded on my PC

    using a crappy zoom pedalboard some keyboards and of course's on geocities so maybe downloading won't be perfect

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    was it THAT bad?


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      no link from here.....:/


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        listening now. seems pretty cool. my first impression was something like ride across the river by dire straits.

        now its turning it up a bit, cool tune at about 1 minute in.

        nice guitar work, with both of them......

        nice chops, great playing with a terrific tone to go with the song.

        there was just a part were, there is another... where i think you went a little to fast for the song, weird temp change

        the tapping i love! great addition. goes well with the song to bring the pace up.

        the little riff thing, interesting and it could work, but needs a little help with tempo.

        i just heard where some editing to place i think, starting the delay thing....that delay was a nice touch.....same with the feedback thing, great ending.

        overall, i like the tune. great job! nice playing, and, imo, with those changes it could be amazing!
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          Originally posted by fenderiarhs
          was it THAT bad?
          No way dude! Sounded awesome, you really have some melodic control going on ! I also totally digged the vibe and I really liked the tapping. I don't mind the little flaws, cuz the song makes up for that

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