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  • APH-II clips....

    Anyone who has a bridge APH-II with some classic rock clips??

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    Here's an A2P demo clip I recorded a while back. (You'll have to overlook the sloppy playing.)

    A2P Bridge in a LP Studio > POD on one of the Marshall settings:

    Alnico II Pro - Bridge
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      Wow that was some fat even tone there....hmm I am looking forward to get mine.


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        Give me a few minutes and I'll try and make up and record something real quick. I'll have to find my Les Paul with the Alnico II Pros in


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          Here you go. I just whipped this up and pulled it out of my ass rather quickly. Both tracks are one take, so don't expect too much. I guess it's about as classic rock as I can get.


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            Aw great Jolly...what a tone those things have.
            That Paul is fat
            Thanks a bunch.


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              You're welcome Rid. It's not exactly my greatest tone. I thought it sounded a little dark. I didn't really take any time to tweak and get a decent sound or anything. Thanks anyways...hope that helped somewhat.


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                It is a very even sounding pickup, and lots of tone in it.
                Never mind the tone was easy to hear what they can do
                And I just bought one...hehe


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                  I really need to set a guitar with A2Ps again !

                  I had those in a PRS CU22 and in a LP and it was great !

                  Need them back !
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