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First Open Mic in ages!

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  • First Open Mic in ages!

    I ripped this from my FB Live post, so it may suffer from stuttering, but it sounds good.
    Organs: 1972-73 Conn 632 "Serenade" analog theater organ, 1967 Hammond H-111 (not sounding but working), '72 Hammond T-524 + my '71 Hammond L-112 across the country.
    Synths: Roland D-20, Kawai K11, Yamaha QS300
    Leslie Cabinets: 1975 Leslie 825 and 1974 Leslie 705.
    Guitars: Monterey Stage Series bitsa, 1991 Charvel CX-291 bitsa, 70s Hondo acoustic and a ton of parts.
    Pedalboard: Home made DJ case thing conversion with a lot of budget pedals on it.
    Amps: Fender Sidekick Reverb 35

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    Re: First Open Mic in ages!

    i got to the seven minute mark and you still hadn't started so i closed it.
    "Technique is really the elimination of the unneccessary ... it is a constant effort to avoid any personal impediment or obstacle to acheive the smooth flow of energy and intent"
    Yehudi Menuhin


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      Re: First Open Mic in ages!

      Don't shoot vertical videos! It totally screws up the resolution!!

      Modern HD videos are designed to be played at 16:9 aspect ratio, be it 720P, 1080P, or even higher resolutions.

      Take 1080P for example, the resolution is 1920x1080. Horizontal side is 1920 pixels, and the vertical side is 1080 pixels.

      When you do a vertical video, what actually happens is that instead of having the vertical side be 1920 pixels as you intended, it actually takes your intended 1920 pixels of content, squashes it down so it fits in the mere 1080 pixels: you're losing nearly half of your content. What about the horizontal side? Simple, it takes your 1080 pixels worth of content, centers it, and then add 2 huge black letter boxes on each side to fill out the rest of the 1920 pixels. After all that, you're left wondering why the hell do I have these giant black letter boxes, and why the hell does my video look all blurry and pixelated instead of HD.

      Easy solution if you're recording with a phone: turn your phone sideways and everything is great


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        Re: First Open Mic in ages!

        Yes, please hold the (phone) camera correctly. That should go for anyone posting YouTube videos anywhere - vertical videos are extremely annoying since 2/3 of the viewing space is wasted.