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Ressurrected my old Zoom MRS 1044 Digital multitrack recorder..

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    Re: Ressurrected my old Zoom MRS 1044 Digital multitrack recorder..

    Originally posted by Phantasmagoria View Post
    Yeah, I know, no problem at all ..but it's just different strokes man, I can't fix something if I don't see what's may both be right..but I just can't see it.
    I hope this doesn't end up like last time someone said that to me.

    If it's anything specific let me know where..
    I tried. I'll try again. Right after the bass and drums intro, there's a bunch of guitars over the top of each other. The one playing the lower harmony from what I can make out, is clashing with the higher ones and sounds offputting.
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      Re: Ressurrected my old Zoom MRS 1044 Digital multitrack recorder..

      There's a pair of rhythm tracks playing the same chords. Then there's lead track #1 & lead track #2 that both kind of inter-twine right through. That's all there is besides bass & drums.

      Both solo's start after the drum/bass intro and continue practically to the end without a break. To me the start sounds melodic/in tune/sweet/well-synched etc..I don't hear any clashing and my ears are'nt fact I think it sounds rather nice... the guitar tone could be better, but that's all that's niggling me about it.

      Now there's an obvious difference of opinion, but not much I can do to fix something that (to me) is'nt broken..

      ..that's where I'm coming from.
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      Originally posted by Rodney Gene
      If you let your tone speak for itself you'll find alot less people join the conversation.