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New Song "Tear Me Down"

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  • New Song "Tear Me Down"

    This one is short, so it shouldn't be too painful for too long. Unlike the last song I did where I tried dual-micing everything, I went took a more barebones approach on this one and used a single SM57 for guitars and vocals, bass was DI'd, and rhythm guitars during the solo were the only part I used a LD condenser so that it'd sound completely different from the lead guitar (with the idea being to not compete for the same frequencies). Guitar had a Custom in it (thanks Johnny the Kid) into a treble booster>Bassman Normal channel>open 2x12 double tracked panned L/R. I also tried to sing in a higher (for me) register for this one, just to experiment. It was really exhausting trying to double track it with minimal vocal comping. I also tried to avoid comping guitar/bass parts and vocal parts, because I was too lazy to bounce anything to bus tracks.

    Let me know what you think: Anything that you like, anything you think sucked donkey balls, tips, feedback, etc. Thanks!

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    Re: New Song "Tear Me Down"

    Guitar tones were very thin with no meat and chunk in the tones. Other than that it's a cool piece
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