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    Originally posted by TwilightOdyssey View Post
    That sounds like a fine plan!

    The earliest generative compositions were done using tape loops, certainly no ‘need’ for synths to do it. The way I understand it, you create ‘cells’ of pregenerated sounds and then manipulate those cells in real time, or add randomness to them.

    A great piece of software to look into is NODAL if you’re interested in an inexpensive way to do a deep dive. NODAL plus a DAW running soft synths can generate a never ending composition,

    The first section of this song was written using Nodal, a Mother-32, and a single delay.

    You might find this helpful as well,
    First of all, cool song -- wasn't expecting those changes. That nodal software looks extremely interesting, and since it's got a free trial I'm for sure gonna give it a whirl. It would be super awesome if I could use that to send midi cc messages to plugin parameters... it'd be like having nearly infinite LFOs with built in randomizers. The slideshow was helpful as well. I'm sure you must be familiar with the disintegration tapes, yes? Similar type of concept in the sense that the degrading type actively changed the sound was therefore part of the composition. You can achieve something similar to the multiple tape players trick with loops of varying lengths, allowing them to drift into different combinations.
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