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A5 antiquity & Custom Timbucker neck

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  • A5 antiquity & Custom Timbucker neck

    Ok this is my 8.70K a5 modded ant bridge and 8.06K timbucker that Tim White wound it custom for my 24 fret guitar. Basically I wanted that guitar to sound as close as possible to a standard gibson LP neck position.

    The guitar is a hand made carved top tele, with a 1-piece mahogany back, and a flame maple top. The set neck is mahogany and the fretboard is ebony.It has 24 frets and all the pickups I tried sounded too strat-like. So I contacted Tim White, and he has done this unique and magnificient pickup for me. It is designed to deliver usual 22 fret neck PAF HB tones. It is the best one I have tried in this guitar (the contestants were serious, antiquities, voodoos, other timbuckers, rolphs), but this one was made for this guitar, and is gonna stay in this guitar!

    BTW I think the a5 modded ant bridge RULES. Hear it for yourself. I hope you would agree.

    Ok enough of that. Here are the clips:

    LPF Jam #21

    Myles' Funk Jam

    The final clip is the same guitar but this time with a 8.35K PG in the bridge, and a 8.00K PGb in the neck. I would not advise doing comparisons based on these recordings, as the levels the setup this that is hardly the same.

    LPF Jam 16

    Please contact me for questions and comments.

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    I enjoyed the clips. Tasty playing

    Am thinking to swap the magnet in my antiquity bridge with an alnico 5. R7 through my JCM2000 DSL210 sounds beautiful (with antiquities) when my tone is not that dirty. But often I need to have a tone with more gain as well. Then the R7 does not have enough edge, does not scream! It does great oooooo but not eeeee. I guess I need to stop postponing the alnico 5 magnet swap. Otherwise I am cool with the pickup.

    What do you say?

    1. Gibson 57 Reissue with antiquity humbuckers
    2. Gibson Studio (winered) with Pearly Gates set


    I. Marshall JCM2000 DSL401