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  • #16[email protected]_it_is.mp3

    here is one of my ampeg SS140 into a tube power amp and the venerable 4x12 i use. not suire which link will work properly.

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      Hails Germ
      man, good distortion, but itīs too DRY. and a little bit Thin.
      maybe more volume will give the tone more bass and an open tonal variety.
      but good distortion
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        I need to find a place to store mp3's. I registered with soundclicks but they never emailed me the access code.... What are some others I can use? Thanks.

        Duncan Distortion(b) - heavy distortion(clip 01)

        This was done with my beater Ibanez GAX70 with DDb with 6 allen hexpoles. I used the Rectifier mod. Sorry the sound sucks as it was direct with the V-amp2 into the sound card (Audigy Platinum)


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          Originally posted by Steve_R
          Yes. You can probably find an adapter at an electronics place. You might have to get a couple adapters and use them together, if you can't find a single Y unit.
          maybe i should try that then..maybe that'll gimme a better sound than just using the mono output?
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