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Summer groove - New Day by Ms. Harinko

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  • Summer groove - New Day by Ms. Harinko

    Hey guys, I have enjoyed listening to all the clips posted here, and as long as I've been a member I have never posted anything! Until now... this track is not my normal style at all, but it was a fun project nonetheless!

    The song is called New Day and the artist is Ms. Harinko, featuring Errol Starr Francis and Fabian Williams - link for a few platforms here -

    The idea of the song was something uplifting, especially because there has been so much negativity and fear these days and not just as a result of the pandemic. Instead of focusing on the endless stream of news and others that we think have wronged us, let's shift our mindset toward starting fresh and making a positive change in our own lives. She would be able to articulate it better but that's the general theme.

    I played bass on this track through my AX8 (SVT model of course), mixed it in Reaper, and then it was mastered by Maor Appelbaum of Maor Appelbaum Mastering. He is a super cool guy and it was amazing to have the dialogue during the process with a heavyweight dude like him.

    Summer is almost over, but this song has that 2-4 "sunny" sound to it. Hope you all enjoy!
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