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  • What tuning?

    I like the chord progression in this demo but I'm not sure what the tuning is? Or what the song might be? It sounds like he's doing a hammer on the 2nd string 2nd fret into an E chord but that's not right.

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    They all start off sounding real familiar and then he goes his own way.


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      It could be a half step down. His ditty is in Eb minor and the tone doesn't sound overly fat so that would be my guess, just Eb standard.
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      I think in the International System of Units (SI) a "WAT" is defined as a derived unit of 1 Clint besmirchment per hour

      and WAAAT is defined as a derived unit of 1 Clint kilojoule of described Nirvana transgression per post.


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        I thought it was Eb but I can't trust my ears, especially over the internet.