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So what was it this time?

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  • Phantasmagoria
    I'm certainly far from ashamed of my playing (quite the opposite) If anything it proves my point (my playing sounds just fine w/o theory) and yep, that could be awkward, In any case there's no need to delete it 'cuz people might need to see how "wrong" it is/bad it sounds for themselves and then maybe they'll stop liking all the stuff I post up (publically) on YT (instead of showing it love like they do)

    Resident maestro's want to dispute that, they can post their own thread full of all their own virtuoso playing showing me the "right way" and how good that sounds compared to all my "wrong/stuck in the blues scale/no tonal this and that, no melody, tuneless etc" (lol, & we all know that'll be the day ) 'cuz it's so much easier to just sling jibes & insults than put your money where your mouth is & play

    Feel free to lock this anytime.

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  • Phantasmagoria
    I did'nt get a message?

    And I think it's fair to let people see/hear my "limitations" and judge for themselves how terrible they are..

    ( visitors and like I mean "not the resident old boys virtuoso club")

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  • Mincer
    Your threads turned into arguing for your limitations, and then insults. I also said not to start another one.

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  • Phantasmagoria
    ^^^ sure they're a bit on the nippy side (which apparently causes much butthurt) ..but eh, nothing so terrible there according to my ears. Like I said if you differ & if it's not your thing you're free to go. As I pointed out the video's that I set to "public" (anyone can view) on YT as a rule get a hell of a lot more "like" than "dislikes", so apparently I'm not the only one who think's they're just fine (and plenty other folk don't find anything "random, tuneless, beginner etc" about them either..)

    In other words, saying they're "beginner level, lack melody, random, tuneless, bad timing, stuck in the blues scale" etc, is a lot of crock and anyone can hear that.

    The last video I posted there in the deleted thread was this one , which I noticed has a pretty strong similarity to what's called "Atonal music" ie. a form of classical music where they ignore the 'rules' of theory and instead go by what they think sounds good (ie. if it sounds good is good).

    Atonal piece (for reference)


    As I pointed out in the other thread ...and as EVH (who was'nt spared either and was called "a moron w/low IQ" 'cuz he did'nt care for theory either) also pointed out in his quote that I mentioned above "theory is just's not truth"

    (ie, it's not "Law" like the laws of physics. Anyone can chose to ignore it to w/e extent they want to and there's literally no "wrong" way to play music at all. There are NO "Laws of Music" whatsover. It's art & freedom not science. ..that's an inconvenient little fact that these folk often choose to forget when they hop up & down yelling about how "wrong" you are about this , that & the other).

    Mincer, as this is just a record/recap of what I posted in the other thread (minus al their gnashing of teeth, jibes, cheap shots, insults etc) maybe you can just lock this up now and avoid a replay ending in deletion of my thread which is exactly what they want 'cuz it's not nice when everyone can see what a bunch jaded dumbasses with sundry chips & complex's they are

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  • Phantasmagoria
    started a topic So what was it this time?

    So what was it this time?

    Eh Mincer, why not just lock these thead's but leave them up for everyone to see? That way anyone can see that whole problem here is nothing but intolerance for another dude's approach to playing guitar and an inability to accept that I do not like or use theory ..just like these guys:

    “Music theory is just that, theory…it's not truth.” ~ EVH

    list of players who found musical theory about as useful as I do:

    Django Reinhardt
    Van Halen
    Tony Iommi
    Angus Young
    Jeff Beck
    BB King
    Robert Johnson
    ..many more

    But eh, look where that got them

    I mean. I play/improvise the way I do and I think it sounds fine. If anyone else does'nt, or it sounds "wrong" or "terrible" "tuneless" etc. all they really need to do is ignore it & move along. But they don't ..and instead hey just keep piling on the the insults and jibes with the fond hope that if they do enough of that **** my thread get's deleted (which it does) and that way there no public record of all their hypocrisy, bigotry, intolerance & mind-numbing stupidity..

    End of the day there's nothing so appalling about the way I play, anyone can (& should at least get the opportunity to) be their own judge of that. For the record, Here's the video's I posted in the other thread

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