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10 years gone. No, not the Zepplin song

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  • 10 years gone. No, not the Zepplin song

    Was looking back through my YouTube channel and found this old rag.

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    My RG-120 with the Mayhem set, through my old Carvin XV212. There was probably also a Metazone involved.


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      Always cool to look thru old clips. The tones here are pretty cool! and some cool riffs thrown in there. I think I hear the metalzone part, and I like it. Not bad, that pedal gets a bad rap, but it's an effect pedal, and that's certainly an effect. The Mayhem set sounds pretty great clean, to be honest. Whatever amp that is, sounds pretty good, especially for being in what looks like an untreated bedroom. What speakers were in that carvin? Don't know a thing about Carvin amps, but sounds like a fantastic amp.

      You wouldn't want to see my stuff from 10 years ago..

      * looks at calendar*

      oh god. the album i posted just the other day with examples of my invader tone is almost 10 years ago now. oh man, we're getting old


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        Nicely done.

        The clean tone was CRISP.
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          The amp was a Carvin XV212 with 2 Celestion 12M-70's in it. Room definitely wasn't treated. Recorded with my Zoom Q3.

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            Never spent time with the MetalZone I am digging the tone.

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              Pity that amp had a resistor that let the smoke out. I converted the body into a closed back cab. The amp chassis, minus tubes, is out in my garage somewhere.

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