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  • Brow - APH II Bridge Demo

    APH II Bridge Demo

    Guitar - Dean Hardtail
    Pickup - APH II Bridge Pos, volume full , tone full
    Amp - Boss GT-6, amp models listed below

    Fender Twin Reverb
    Vox AC-30 Combo
    Boogie MK3 Combo
    Marshall SLP
    Soldano SLO
    Soldano SLO

    One short clip per amp type. Should give you an idea of the clean voice of the pup and it's voice under different levels of gain.

    If you want some more APH, the next song is Heavens Door, which is the CC for distorted rythym and the APH(n) for everything else.

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    Hi Jeff.

    Thanx alot for the clips of the APH bridge. I'm downloading them now, and I'll have a listen to them tonight when I'm home from work

    I just noticed that we also have the same Marshall JCM800 head. Well, almost the same as you have a 2205 and I have a 2210 How do the APH's sound through your Marshall?

    Thanx again for your help.



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      Craig -

      My 2205 is the primary reason I love the APH's so much. I don't know if it's the case with your 2210, but I find my 2205 is be on the bright side. I switched to V30 speakers to smooth it out, and just find I prefer the smoothness of the A2's with it. I get great crunch still, and great smooth singing lead tone. It's no problem to brighten the sound up if I need it.

      I do like some of the tight bass qualities of the A5 magnets that you lose to a certain extent with the A2's. I plan on getting my Marshall modded to make the clean channel more useable, and to smooth out the gain channel, which I find a littly grainy at times. Perhaps then I'll have a new appreciation for A5 mags. Maybe an A3 or A4 59' is something you might consider.

      Anyhow, hope I've helped you at least a little. Good luck and let us know what you decide on. You really can't go wrong with any of the pups you're trying to decide on.
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        I like that. I've been wanting to hear an APH II in the bridge, I REALLY like it. I'm starting to love the sound of the APH II in the neck of my Brian Moore, it sounds great with moderate gain and reverb while playing bluesy lead licks. I may have to get another guitar with a dual APH II combo!


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          Ever try that pup with a ceramic magnet? I've been thinking that would sound pretty cool. A Ceramic Pro.
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            Nice clips Jeff and hey....some Badfinger in there - a song I do with my band!!
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              Originally posted by Rocker35
              Nice clips Jeff and hey....some Badfinger in there - a song I do with my band!!
              Nice catch on the Badfinger....not many people remember them. The sound of the amp model I used really has too much delay for that song, but it was fun to play the riff with a little different sound. It's a really cool song with a fun little slide solo. I learned that song in the basement with a bunch of buddies about 2 years ago. Hadn't heard it in ages prior to that.

              I'm glad it the sound clips help some of you...either to choose the APH or to decide it's not for you. For me it's the ticket right now.
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                Wow thats a lot of work!! The clips really show the range, I like it a lot.
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                  Nice job Jeff. Good job on the Tesla. I dug the phase at the end too.

                  Here's a short clip I put together for Rid (I think) a couple of weeks ago of the alnico II pro bridge. It's nothing special. I hit the record button and made it up on the spot. Both tracks are one take and the playing's nothing to write home about. I didn't even mess around and tweak my sound either, so the tone isn't that great Anyways, here's an alnico II pro bridge clip I put together rather hastily.