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i guess that depends. what styles do you play? is it mostly rootsy music? this thing isnt meant for metal.

do you already have cab's loaded with good speakers? if not thatll cost you more $$$. this thing thru a blue is magic with a mic infront of it.

honestly its hard to say since i dont know everything thats going around for $400, but compared to a blues jr or crate v16 or line 6 the tone of this thing is much nicer. try the stock one and see if the general tonality works for you. the modded version just refines the tone, gives more definition, a fuller fatter more even sound and makes the amp feel better.
+1 to sounding better than a 400USD amp. A friend has one w/less than 50USD in mods, and it is much better sounding than my Carvin V16, which is capable of crunch, but not nearly as nice. Re the Fender tube amps in this category, they're great, but the crunch on that Epi is wonderful! I really like it. Only advantage my Carvin, has is that it is louder.