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Thread: JP wiring project: checking the diagrams

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    Default JP wiring project: checking the diagrams

    Hi Electronics Wizards,

    I am close to facing my first JP wiring project. Based on the Vault diagram, I did the following wiring diagram, and I would like to check it with you before to do the work.

    Normal JP wiring, where volume pots are dependent (that means that turning down one of them will shut up the guitar):

    Hot wires are coulored orange, 'cold' wires are coloured dark blue. Pickup white wire is coulored light blue.
    As a diference from the vault diagram, each groud wire of each pot is soldered to the shell of the DPDT switch of that pot and then, from every DPDT shell, a ground wire will be thrown to the common ground point.

    Since I prefere the idea of having independent volume controls (when turning down the neck vol, only the neck is shutted up...). I think, the diagram can be the following one:

    Please, let me know if this last is OK.

    Other questions:
    - Is there any other way to implement those caps, without having to solder them from one vol lug to one tone lug?.
    - what's the preferable 'common ground point'?
    - Do you know if it is also recommendable to shield the pickups, pots and switch cavities, in the same way as it is being done with strato guitars?.
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